Tai Chi Studio

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art involving a continuous series of controlled, slow movements designed to improve physical and mental well-being. Its full name is Tai Chi Chuan. Translated to English, it means “Supreme Ultimate Force”.

Tai ChiDr. Liu has practiced Tai Chi for over 20 years. Her coach, Mr. Mingzhi Hao is a 6th generation master after the founder of the Yang-style Tai Chi, who has apprenticed with Mr. Zhongqiao Liu and excels in Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Sword, and Tai Chi Pole.

Through years of practice, Dr. Liu understands the health benefits of Tai Chi. Dr. Liu enjoys sharing the experience with those who want to strengthen their physique and sharpen their mind.

Tai Chi works on both the body and mind. It brings about a state of mental calm and clarity. Tai Chi helps to overcome problems such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia. Its gentle, steady, low-impact movements promote balance control, flexibility, and burns calories. Tai Chi is as effective as some more strenuous training without the downside. Therefore, Tai Chi is appropriate for all ages and physical strength levels. This is especially true for the elderly and those with chronic health problems.

Our Tai Chi Studio offers personal and private classes that take into consideration the student’s level of fitness and health condition. Please contact us for class schedules and begin to enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi.

Lessons available include:

  • Eight-Forms Tai Chi Quan
  • Eight-Sectioned Active Qi Gong (Baduanjin)
  • Five-Animal Mimic Exercise (Wuqinxi)
  • 24-Forms Tai Chi Quan
  • 42 Forms Tai Chi Quan
  • 115-Forms Old Frame Tai Chi Quan
  • 32-Forms Tai Chi Sword
  • 65-Forms tai Chi Sword
  • Tai Chi Kongfu Fan
  • Huichun Healthcare exercise

Private Class

Our studio only offers private class, $80 per hour, up to two family members. Call or email for more information.

Public Class

Will be available soon